Tricks That Will Make You Feel Fuller at Every Meal

Eat Less for Weight Loss

Are you fatter than you’d like? Do you want a solution that doesn’t involve hard diets or daily workout sessions? If your answer was “yes” then this is the article for you. To make sure that you don’t overeat, there are a few simple tricks that you could use. This means you will not end up consuming a lot of calories and ultimately your weight may start going down. In this chaotic life we have the habit to eat and run, therefore we don’t sit and eat properly and at the right hours; instead, we eat a lot of food several times a day. Here are some tips that will help you feel fuller.

An apple a day will make you slay

Juicy, crispy and low on calorie, and of course very delicious, an apple would be really helpful when you want to cut down on your food intake. It’s best to have an apple before getting an actual meal; this will reduce the intake of calories while having complex meals. If you don’t like apples, you can replace them with other fruits. At the same time, if you’re not really a fruit person, you can replace it with a low calorie soup, that will have fresh and helpful vegetables. A green salad can also help you eat less, if you get one before big meals.

Nuts are a good treat

Nuts combine perfectly with protein, fat as well as fiber. This means that when you will consume nuts you will feel satisfied and full, which means you won’t feel the need to go for other types of food, that could build up your calorie numbers. Dietitians from all over the world say that having a hand full of nuts or dry fruit would provide your body with all the necessary fiber and you will feel full at the same time. If you like eating peanuts or cashews then it would be great for you to include them at least one time a day in your meals. You can also add the nuts in salads or along with cereals, along with eating them as an independent treat.

Eat crunchy but not chips

Another tip to eat less and lose weight in a natural wayYes, when we’re talking about crunchy treats, we’re not referring to chips or pretzels. We’re talking about healthy veggies like carrots and veggies. It’s also very important to chew them properly, to make sure you get all the nutrients out of them. They also have less calories than other types of vegetables. Another reason to chew your food properly is because chewing gives more time to your brain to understand and give signals to your body about the arrival of food. This in turn will give you the sensation of fullness a lot faster, which means you will eat less.


Water before your meals is very effective

Water is an essential requirement of the body. Having a glass of it would help you avoid eating more than required because water will take a lot of space in your stomach and give you a sensation of fullness. You could simply squeeze a lemon in it for the sake of taste, so before having dinner or lunch getting some water will help you avoid overeating.

The rule of SSFV

The full form of SSFV is salad, soup, fruit, vegetable all the best ingredients to have as a meal and the rule is that when you are very hungry you could simply get any one of these items pre or post consumption of your meal. Following this rule would satisfy your hunger up to an extent; as they consist of water, you will feel full pretty soon after you eat them.

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Tea is one of the best beverages

Consuming warm tea takes some time so this isn’t a to go beverage, but it will relax your hunger to a point. Having a cup of tea before meal would be really beneficial as it will fill the stomach as well. Tea consists of substances like theanine and amino acid that provides mental calmness along with alertness so you could easily have a control on your tongue. These days herbal teas are becoming largely popular as they consist of very fewer calories and have a large number of benefits too.

Whole grain food is a wholesome meal in itself

Yes, whole grains include almost all the types of good nutrients like protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins and their consumption is really beneficial. With the consumption of whole grains your body will not require any type of extra food. So, include whole grains in your meal and you will also reduce the chances of being in touch of several chronic diseases. Starting with oats, millet, quinoa, brown rice, wheat berries and bulgur would be quite easy.

Eating hot served food is suggested

While eating hot food you will have to take your time to avoid mouth burns. That means your brain will have more time to give signals to body that it is receiving food. Avoid intake of cold stored food as you may end up eating more as it does not require slow eating and you could consume a large amount of food in a short period of time.

Following these simple tips you could easily trick your body into consuming less food and that would ultimately improve your health providing you an easy and convenient weight loss. Normal exercises will increase the effect of these tips so you should also involve routine jogging and walking around in your daily routine.

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