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14 Great Lean-Muscle Building Foods

Do you want to have great looking, lean muscle and you think the things you eat can help you get there? Then you are right! Food has a big impact on your body and the following 14 commonly available ingredients can help you reach your goals faster:

1. Beets

This ingredient will not only support your joint and liver health, but will also increase the muscle strength and power. It’s a great source of trimethylglycine, commonly referred to as betaine.

Beets are also an aid in your body recovery and can enhance your energy by providing a decent NO boost.

2. Beef From Grass-Fed Cattle

If you’re a meat freak, then you’ll be happy to know that beef plays an important role in building lean muscle, due to its high protein content, zinc, iron content, B vitamins and cholesterol.

If possible, when picking the beef, go for grass fed cattle beef, that is proven to have higher levels of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) than beef raised in other conditions. This type of beef will give you a great boost in building lean muscle and shedding body fat.

3. Oranges

Oranges should be eaten before workouts, to help you boost endurance, strength and muscle growth. Be careful not to eat too many, to avoid stomach problems during your workouts.

4. Brown Rice

This whole grain will get digested slowly inside your body, providing longer lasting energy all day long, especially during tiring end explosive workouts.

brown rice

5. Cottage Cheese

Looking for an ingredient rich in protein, that can be eaten before bed? Then cottage cheese is exactly what you need. It’s rich in casein protein and one of the best go-to protein sources.

Casein protein prevents catabolism while eating late at night, because it is the slowest-digesting protein that you can eat. (To avoid overeating during the night, check out these tips).

6. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe has a low fructose content and is one of the very few fast-digesting carbs available on the market. This makes this type of melon a great carb source to have right when you wake up in the morning after a long night of eating and one of the best fruits to eat after each workout.

7. Organic Milk

Milk has casein and whey and is rich in the amino acid glutamine. You will find 70% more omega-3 fatty acids in organic milk than in conventional milk.

8. Eggs

You’ve probably heard already that eggs are the perfect protein, but protein isn’t the only thing that makes them great in boosting strength and lean muscle creation. It also gets help from the cholesterol found in the yolks.

hard boiled eggs

9. Spinach

Popeye knew his vegetables. To get great levels of glutamine, an amino acid that is very important to lean muscle growth, you NEED to eat spinach. Eat it as fresh as possible to get the best results.

10. Quinoa

Quinoa is at the same time a slow-digesting carb and a complete protein, making it the perfect combination for muscle growth. It is linked to an immediate increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 levels (IGF-1. as it is called by professionals).

11. Greek Yogurt

Like most types of yogurt, Greek yogurt is also made from milk. What makes Greek yogurt better is the fact that is has fewer carbs (around 10 grams per cup) and more protein (close to 20 grams per cup) than other types of yogurt that will usually have around 15 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbs per cup. It also contains high amounts of casein protein.

12. Apples

If you’re eating apples, then you should expect to train harder and longer. Some specific polyphenols in apples will help you to prevent muscle fatigue and increase muscle strength.

These polyphenols, as research points out, can also increase fat burning. That’s why you should consider making apples a go-to pre-workout carb source.

13. Wheat Germ

Rich in selenium, iron, zinc, B vitamins and potassium, with a good amount of glutamine, arginine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and high in protein and fiber, wheat germ is an ingredient you should incorporate daily in your diet, if possible.

It is a great source of slow-digesting carbohydrates and a quality protein that goes perfectly before any type of workout.

14. Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

Ezekiel bread is advertised as made only from organic sprouted whole grains. This makes the bread a complete protein, that contains all 9 amino acids that your body needs but can’t product on it’s own (the ones important for muscle growth)

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The Crazy Bulk Review – Should You Consider CrazyBulk?

There is so much hype and focus on improving these days, that people have started to look for ways to tweak the inherent structure of the body into making it better than ever before. Of course, we are talking about steroids and supplements. Nowadays, with so much information available, we’ve reached a point where we can’t know what works and what doesn’t, which makes it harder for us to reach the desired results. This is where crazy bulk comes up.

crazy bulk offerOne of the best products for muscle building, stacking, and cutting is Crazy Bulk, which is known to produce some astonishing results. With its help, one can now gain significant mass and strength within a month. It is a pack of capsules that, once in your body, give vital compounds boosting muscle growth and development. So this article brings to you the crazy bulk review, which focuses on bringing out the best and the worst in the product. Read on to find out more about it and to make sure it is exactly what you need.

The pros:

We’ll begin by talking about a number of factors that quite unique about the product and make it better than most of the similar supplements available on the market:

  • Effective products: One of the most important qualities of the brand is the fact that it has an effectiveness of almost 100%. Most, if not all online reviews are positive, showing great improvements for most people that have used its products. There are no empty promises behind the name and you get to witness the changes occurring in your body on a daily basis. The more you dedicate yourself to healthy living while using these products, the more progress you are going to see. In a few weeks’ time, you will see that you have a perfect body structure and are beginning to show significant muscle growth and definition. Take this supplement and let the years of work that you have put in come to the surface.
  • High-quality ingredients: The compounds that are used in this product are of premium quality and there are no cheap imitations that will find their way in this bottle. Before purchasing you can read about the ingredients and decide for yourself on the quality of the content that you are getting in the bottle. That way, you will be in no danger of jeopardizing your health for gains. Under its regime, gains and health go hand in hand. The compounds are sourced directly from labs and not doled out in an industry so you can rely upon the accuracy with which it lists the compounds.
  • Get free samples; On every major purchase, you stand a chance to get some really great deals. The most popular promotion is getting a third bottle for free when you buy two.  That way, not only will you get more for the price of two but will also have a longer-lasting supply of supplements in case you decide to remain on the move for some time. You wouldn’t want to stop the improvement process while you wait for another batch to be shipped your way, so a third bottle will come in handy.
  • No side effects: all the products that can be found in the package have been thoroughly researched upon in labs and only then put into your product. So you can rely on the safety of it and use it without the fear of any backlash. Your safety is always of paramount importance to the company as it does not want to risk its reputation over the short-term profits. What it plans for is to expand further into the world market and establish domination that takes it much further than where it presently stands.
  • Free worldwide shipping: No matter where you live, the crazy bulk products will find their way to you without you having to pay anything extra. This is a great plus, especially if you are used to paying a lot in shipping fees, due to your location. As it has been mentioned in the lines above, the aim of the company is to establish worldwide recognition and for that, it wants to build a base of consumers that are scattered all over the world and cover the demography in all geographical locations. All these promises have been centered on reaching out to the client when they order. Through a carefully built network, they are getting the job done.

Order button for crazy bulk

The cons:

Along with all the benefits, our crazy bulk review will also cover certain things that are not so good about the product. Here are the aspects that we aren’t fond of regarding this brand:

  • Availability: The only way to get your hands on these magic workers is to source them from their official website only. Now, while this may seem like an expert anti-piracy move, it greatly limits the reach of the customer. In some geographical locations, the services of foreign websites are being blocked. The citizens of such areas can’t access most websites, which means that the crazy bulk official website will also be outside their reach. If the consumer takes the first few months on the medicine and then travels to another country where the service is not available, he will soon fall off the wagon and lose the hard-acquired gains. This will benefit neither the consumer nor the company.
  • Large daily dose: Most of the packs tell you to take as much as 3 capsules per day and not reduce the dosage. As mentioned above, this won’t cause any damage to your body, as crazy bulk products are free of any side effects, but might cause small discomforts while taking so many pills.


So these are the pros and cons of crazy bulk. It’s a product that can help you reach the body you desire, with little work and without the need to adopt any strict diets. We recommend it if you want to gain muscle or get to a more cut form in a short time span. Remember to get it only from the official website, to make sure you get the real deal.

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