Why Running is Better Than The Gym

Both running and the gym are great ways to lose weight, get in awesome shape and build muscle. However, there are a few things that just make running better than the gym. Here are the reasons why running is always better than the gym:

Running can help you live longer

If you want to stay fit, running is the best exercise. Just a few minutes of outdoor exercise can make you feel better and you can see improvements in mood and self-esteem. Runners live longer than other people. Running can help you to strengthen your heart, reducing the blood pressure.

Running gives you faster results

girl-running-outsideWhile running you use double the amount of energy than during walking. You can burn approximately 800 calories an hour while you run; but you can burn only 300 calories an hour walking. So running gives you faster results. If you properly running daily, you can reduce your weight quickly.

An average one-hour workout at the gym helps to burn about 400 calories. Almost half than the calories burned while running for one hour.

Running can help you get vitamin D

Our body gets most of its vitamin D from the sun, but most of the people spend a big amount of time indoors. So people who spent all the time indoor have a vitamin D deficiency. Taking your run outside can help you strengthen your bones, increase vitamin D level, and it helps to prevent type 2 diabetes.

You can run anytime and anywhere

The gym is sometimes closed but the trail is never closed. You can go for a run anytime whether it is 3 am or 3 pm.

You can run anywhere in the world. Running gives you fresher feel than the gym where you work out within the four walls. For that reason, most of the people choose running over going to the gym.

Running makes you a better person

Running helps you work harder to achieve your goals. It makes you a very goal-oriented person. The mindset, running practice towards a goal is helping to achieve your other financial and personal goals.

Running also improves your memory and attention. Outdoor exercise always makes you more likely to want to keep exercising.

Running is quicker than going to the gym

If you’re going to the gym, you waste time going there, swiping your membership card, talking to the weird person who won’t leave you alone, putting and taking your stuff from and tp the locker, and coming back. At some point, between all of that, you do the workout.

All you have to do to start running, is to walk out the door. Most people will avoid trying to talk to you, because you are constantly moving.

Running keeps your body healthy

It helps to strengthen your body and heart while lowering your blood pressure, reducing the heart rate and cholesterol level. According to research, running improves your heart’s health.

Most of the people don’t know that running also keeps the eyes healthy. People who are periodically running have a lower risk of developing cataracts, blindness, and the leading cause of age-related vision loss.